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Becoming More Beautiful

3 Tips For Men Considering Hair Extensions

Fred Lambert

Women have used hair extensions to change their style, achieve volume, and add length to their hair for many years. As trends in men's fashion continue to evolve, more and more men are looking to hair extensions as a way to achieve their desired look.

Hair extensions can be used by men in a variety of ways. It's important that you take the time to understand the ins and outs of hair extensions if you are thinking of adding them to your own look in the future.

1. Determine Why You Want Hair Extensions

The first step in successfully using hair extensions is determining what you hope to achieve by adding the extensions to your natural hair.

Many men turn to hair extensions to help them conceal a thinning hairline. Some men want to experiment with different colors without committing to a permanent dye. You may even be thinking of hair extensions as a way to enjoy one of the longer hairstyles that are popular for men in today's market.

By taking the time to determine why you want hair extensions, you will be in a better position to select the type of extensions that will best meet your needs.

2. Select the Right Extensions

Hair extensions come in a range of lengths, colors, textures, and application methods. It's essential that you select the right extensions if you want to meet your style goals.

If your primary goal is to conceal a thinning hairline, tape-in extensions can offer the most coverage. Microbead extensions give you the ability to add strands of contrasting color to your existing style.

Clip-in extensions can give you the length that you are looking for, while still giving you the option to wear a shorter hairstyle if the mood strikes you.

A professional cosmetologist who specializes in hair extensions can help you identify the type of extensions that will be most beneficial to you over time.

3. Work With a Professional

It's important that you partner with a professional cosmetologist when considering hair extensions. These professionals understand how various types of extensions are used, and they have the training required to apply all types of extensions without causing significant damage to your natural hair.

Applying extensions to short hair can be quite challenging. A cosmetologist can help you achieve the most natural and attractive look.

Look for a stylist who has a lot of experience helping men utilize extensions properly to ensure you can meet your hair goals.