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Becoming More Beautiful

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Injections From A Medical Spa Could Give You Improved Skin With Fewer Wrinkles

Fred Lambert

If you've gone to a medical spa for cosmetic treatments before, you've probably heard of vampire facials. These treatments use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) taken from your blood to supply growth factors to your skin. PRP treatments may be giving way to another cosmetic treatment that uses PRF — or platelet-rich fibrin. Here's a look at how PRF injections differ from PRP and how you receive a PRF treatment.

The Differences Between PRP and PRF

PRF is obtained from your own blood too, so both treatments are considered very safe to undergo. A major difference between the two types of injections is the way they are processed. Your blood is drawn and spun in a high-velocity centrifuge to obtain PRP. Your blood is spun much slower to obtain PRF. This allows more beneficial cells and growth factors to be drawn from the blood sample.

Plus, when the PRF is drawn off, it is kept pure. There are no anticoagulants added as there are with PRP. This keeps the clotting and growth factors active so they can do more intensive work on your skin. PRF can work on your skin for several days while PRP may only work for a matter of hours. This means you'll generally get better results with PRF treatments.

The Methods For Applying PRF

When you visit the medical spa, the doctor listens to your goals for the treatment. This helps them determine the best way to administer PRF. You might have it applied topically right before a microneedling treatment, or you may have it injected directly into hollows and folds just like a hyaluronic filler.

In either case, your skin is cleaned and numbed first so the microneedling or injections are tolerable. When the treatment is over, you'll receive instructions for skin care while your skin recovers. Since the results are achieved when your skin builds new collagen, you may be advised on things to avoid and things to do to help your body build new collagen during the process.

Since it takes time for new collagen to form, it could be a few weeks before you see results from the injections. After that time, you can evaluate the results and decide if you want to undergo another treatment. You may need a few sessions to achieve the look you want, and then you may only need a yearly booster to maintain the results.

Platelet-rich fibrin works in a similar manner as platelet-rich plasma, but because it has more growth factors and some stem cells due to the way it's processed, you get better and quicker results.

To learn more about PRF, contact a medical spa in your area.