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Becoming More Beautiful

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Becoming More Beautiful

How A Balayage Process Is Conducted

Fred Lambert

A balayage treatment is one that involves highlighting specific strands of hair. The hair sections that will be highlighted are strategically selected. A toner is used to even out the color of the highlighted hair, allowing it to blend naturally with hair that has not been treated. 

The Spa Consultation

A balayage process is different than highlighting equal portions of hair that comprise the back, sides, and top of the hair. A standard highlighting process uses an even amount of colorant on a client's tresses. A balayage process is intended to add highlights but to focus the highlighted areas along the hair sections that frame the face or comprise the back and top of the head.

A spa consultation will involve speaking to a hair stylist about the desired color that you would like to have. A stylist will want to know if you intend on having your hair cut or if you would like to focus solely on the coloring process. You can have subtle highlights added or more dramatic ones added. A bleaching agent that is added to some other dye ingredients will be used to produce a balayage effect.

The Coloring Process

A stylist will seat you in a chair and will put a drape over your clothing. They will prepare a batch of the coloring agent. They will section your hair. This will involve grouping strands together and designating whether or not they will be treated with the coloring agent. A stylist will use a brush tool to paint the coloring agent across the hair strands that are being highlighted. Each dyed section may be wrapped in plastic, foil, or cotton.

Wrapping the hair will prevent the dye from bleeding onto parts of your hair that will not receive the treatment. Some stylists use a hair dryer to speed up the dying process. If subtle highlights are desired, you may not need to sit under a hair dryer. Your hair will be rinsed out and washed with a protein shampoo product.

The protein in the shampoo will prevent hair breakage. A conditioner may also be used. If the highlights contrast sharply with your natural hair, a toner may be used to diminish the contrast. A toner will gently blend the highlights with your natural strands of hair. If you are seeking a new hairstyle, the stylist will cut your hair and use styling aids to complete your new look.

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