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Becoming More Beautiful

Laser Hair Removal: Tips for Better Results

Fred Lambert

Do you wish you didn't have to shave so often? Laser hair removal can be a good solution. It's quick, effective, and you can have it performed on all sorts of body parts, including your legs, upper lip, underarms. The number one way to ensure good results is to see a practitioner who has lots of experience with laser hair removal. There are also a few things you can do on your end.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

In the days and weeks leading up to laser hair removal, apply moisturizer on a daily basis. Use a quality, nourishing moisturizer that's free from scents and coloring ingredients. Laser hair removal can sometimes leave the skin a bit sore and red, and if your skin is well moisturized, these effects will be less pronounced. The moisture will also help the laser better track onto your hairs so that it does not miss as many of them. You may need fewer laser hair removal sessions if your skin is really moist and nourished.

Shave the area.

Shave the area where you're going to have laser hair removal. Your practitioner will tell you how soon before your appointment to do this. It will depend on the area you have treated and how quickly your hair grows. Generally, though, you need to shave less than a day before your laser hair removal treatment. Shaving will ensure that the laser really penetrates into the deep parts of the hair follicle, rather than getting attracted to the hair shaft. Do not wax the area to be treated; that is not the same as shaving in this case.

Stop using fake tanning products.

Do you get spray tans? Maybe you use a self-tanning lotion. If so, you need to stop using these products before you have laser hair removal. They darken your skin and make it harder for the laser to target the hairs, specifically. How soon before laser hair removal you need to quit self-tanning depends on the products you use. You want the product to be completely gone by your appointment. Usually, this means avoiding self-tanning for a couple of weeks. Using an exfoliating scrub a few times can help wear the tanner off sooner.

Laser hair removal can be a good choice for most people who are tired of shaving and want to get rid of their hair. Follow the tips above, and you should get good results.