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Becoming More Beautiful

A Med Spa Facial Offers a Different Experience

Fred Lambert

A facial is a staple treatment at just about any spa. However, the facial you receive at a traditional spa versus what you would receive at a medical spa is quite different. If you have never received a facial at a med spa, here are some reasons you should consider it. 


With a facial at a traditional spa, typically, you make an appointment and show up on the day of the appointment to receive your treatment. With a med spa, the process is slightly different. Often, the process begins with a much-needed pre-consultation appointment. During this visit, the professional will look over your skin and speak with you about your skincare concerns in order to develop a personalized facial for your visit. After this information has been collected, an appointment for the facial will be set. 

Skin Care Focus

When you visit a traditional spa, the primary focus is often on relaxation. It is not to say that a facial at a med spa is not relaxing, but it is important to note that the experience is largely about education. During the treatment, the healthcare professional will talk to you about what treatments are being performed and why, as well as answer any questions you may have. In the end, you walk away with renewed skin and more information on how to maintain it.

Higher-Grade Applications

Med spas are required to maintain certain certifications and have licensed, medical professionals on staff. As a result of this, these facilities have access to prescription-level formulas that can be applied during the treatment process. From intense microdermabrasion applications to potent serums, these higher-grade applications can yield more immediate and dramatic results, which is always helpful. With a traditional facial, these applications are not available.

Long-Term Care

Another difference between a facial at a traditional spa versus a med spa facial would have to do with the after or long-term care. With a traditional facial, after the treatment, the services are typically complete. However, with a facial from a med spa, you can often expect a series of treatments until the skincare goals you discussed in your pre-consultation appointment have been reached. How long this long-term care lasts will depend on the condition of your skin and what types of concerns need to be addressed. 

To experience the benefits of a facial at a medical spa, contact a spa representative near you to schedule an appointment.