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Becoming More Beautiful

Important Care Tips For Lash Extensions

Fred Lambert

Plenty of women today really enjoy getting lash extensions put on. They can give you a more dramatic look and accentuate other features. So that these lash extensions are maximized to their full potential, you'll want to be aware of these care tips. 

Sleep in a Particular Position 

After the eyelash extensions have been put in, you need to be pretty particular about how you sleep. If you don't, then it's easy to sleep against the extensions and mess them up in a lot of ways. For example, the glue may come undone and then you'll have to go back for touch-ups. 

It's recommended to just sleep on your back for as long as you can. Then you won't have to worry about accidentally pressing against the lashes and messing up the work that your beauty technician worked so hard on.

Carefully Use a Comb

Even if your lash extensions are put in perfectly, sometimes they can shift positions. That's okay, and the fix is simple. Use a comb and brush them out to your liking.

You will just want to be extra careful. Applying too much force could cause the extensions to become damaged or the glue to become undone (like what can happen if you sleep in the wrong position). To see the best results, you'll want to comb the extensions every day. This will help them look just as amazing as the day you got them put on.

Be Cautious When Taking Off Makeup

If you're someone that likes to put on a bunch of makeup, then you'll have to eventually take it off. For things like eyeliner and mascara, make sure you're careful when removing makeup around the extensions. 

If you go too quickly, then the products you use could end up in the extensions and affect how they stay on. Just take your time with whatever makeup removal products you're using, and try not to pick at the extensions. Some of them may come out, but if you're too aggressive, you may remove some of your natural eyelashes as well.

There are all kinds of lash extensions available for women today. If you plan on having some put in by a professional, you probably want them staying in as long as possible. They will and look great the entire time if you know what protocol to follow when it comes to care. 

For more information about lash extensions, contact a local salon that offers them.