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Becoming More Beautiful

2 Benefits of Getting an Asian Massage

Fred Lambert

If you are in the market for a good massage due to stiffness, soreness, back pain, or simply a need for relaxation, then a good kind of massage to look into getting is an Asian massage. This type of massage dates back to China and is still done today in many large cities or other areas where there is a rich Asian culture. This article is going to discuss two great benefits that come along with getting an Asian massage. 

Incorporates Acupuncture 

When you get an Asian massage, the practitioner will believe strongly in balancing the energy within your body. They believe that this is what can help relieve a lot of the pain, stress, and tension you are feeling. The best way to balance that energy is by using acupuncture. The acupuncture needles are going to be placed into your body in the areas where the greatest amount of energy flows. This is going to channel the energy, helping it flow through your body as it should. What many believe to be happening in these cases is that the energy lines are actually nerves that are being targeted, thus helping the blood to flow throughout your body. As the acupuncture is being done, you will still be receiving a somewhat more normal massage that is going to help stimulate your blood flow even more, thus helping your body even more. 

You Often Feel Results After One Time 

Because Asian massages are known to be a bit more aggressive than other types of massages, they are sometimes said to hurt so badly that they feel good. This is due to the fact that they are not only involve acupuncture but also target your deep tissue. When a massage therapist is targeting the deep tissue, they are going to need to massage you using quite a bit or pressure in order to get down into your deep tissue and knead and massage it for you. While this may cause you to be a bit sore initially, you will be impressed to see that because they were able to get down to that lower level of tissue and massage it, you will see some great results that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see or feel if they hadn't massaged the deeper tissues, even though it was your very first massage.

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