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Becoming More Beautiful

Keep Up With The Latest Trends By Having Your Roots Dyed To Look Like A Rainbow

Fred Lambert

A new hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular is creating a rainbow look at the roots of the hair. The rainbow look is not easy to create on your own though. The guide below walks you through the steps a salon beautician has to take to create rainbow roots in your hair.

Determine What Color You Want the Rest of Your Hair to Be

You need to decide what color you want the rest of your hair to be before you have your roots dyed. You can choose to have platinum blond hair, a richer blond color, or even a deep, dark shade. The only color that does not always pair well with the rainbow roots is a red or orange hair color because the colors do not always blend into the red or orange color seamlessly.

Have Your Roots Bleached to Create a Blank Canvas for the Dye

The hair stylist will need to bleach your roots so that they can be dyed whichever colors you choose. The stylist will more than likely bleach your hair roughly two inches from your scalp into the rest of your hair.

Choose the Colors You Want to Use to Create the Rainbow

There are many different shades of dye available on the market. You need to decide if you want a rich rainbow or bright, neon colors. The stylist will be able to show you all of the color options available so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the colors you want used.

Determine the Order of the Different Colors

Next, you need to let the stylist know if you want to have the dye added in the traditional order of the rainbow or if you want to select a custom order for the dye to be added. The stylist can show you the samples of the dye on actual hair so you can see what the colors will look like side-by-side.

Have Your Hair Dyed to Look Like a Rainbow

Finally, the stylist will mix all of the colors and start dying your roots. The dye will be applied evenly throughout your roots so that you can have a uniform look created when everything is said and done.

Once the dying is complete, you will have to have it touched up as it grows out. Everyone's hair grows at different rates, so you may have to have it touched up once a month or once every few months. You will be able to notice when it is time to have your hair touched up based on the amount of growth you see when you look in the mirror.