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Becoming More Beautiful

Hair Salon Etiquette Tips For Men Visiting For The First Time

Fred Lambert

If you're a man who frequently visits a barbershop but has an interest in visiting a hair salon for a cut and styling, it's possible that you've never done so because you're not sure exactly how to carry yourself. While going to the barber is easy, it's also easy to feel a little nervous about the unwritten etiquette rules at a salon. It can be enjoyable to see how a trained stylist can give you a new look, but you'll feel more comfortable if you're aware of some basic etiquette rules in advance of your appointment. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Arrive In Advance

Unlike going to your barber, you'll almost certainly schedule your appointment in advance when you visit a hair salon. However, you shouldn't aim to just arrive at the allotted time. It's far better to make sure that you're early for the appointment. There's no hard and fast rule for the amount of time, but try to be several minutes early. This way, if the salon employee taking care of you had a previous cancellation or is ahead of schedule, you'll be able to get in right away.

Come Prepared

You'll be doing your stylist a favor, as well as giving yourself the best chance of getting the cut and style you want, by coming prepared. This means that you should have one or more pictures of the style you're looking to get. You can either cut images out of a magazine or save images onto your phone and bring them up at the start of the appointment. This is considered more courteous than simply trying to explain your desired cut, as some peoples' descriptive abilities can make it difficult for the stylist to know exactly what the person wants.

Skip The Cellphone

While it might be tempting to write some emails for work or check your favorite sports team's latest scores during your treatment, it's generally considered poor etiquette to use your phone during a salon appointment — although many people still break this rule. You'll be viewed in a far more favorable light by the staff if you keep your phone in your pocket during the appointment, and make sure that you've turned off the ringer in advance. If you absolutely need to use the phone during the appointment, check with the staff member to ask if now is a good time, apologize for doing so, and make sure the volume is turned down.