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Becoming More Beautiful

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Becoming More Beautiful

The Underestimated Eyebrow

Fred Lambert

For some people, eyebrow maintenance is last on their beauty regimen. Men, in particular, tend to ignore them unless their eyebrow bushiness begins to interfere with their eyesight. If you are overlooking your brows to focus on other aspects of your appearance, you are making a big mistake. Eyebrows may be your most important facial feature.

Eyebrow Power

According to studies, your eyebrows may be the most effective way for you to express your emotions in a way that other people can decode. Lowering your brows can express anger while arching them may indicate surprise or astonishment. If you are eyebrow talented, you may be able to lift one eyebrow by itself, a sign that you are truly perplexed.

Surprisingly, your eyebrows are more recognizable to some people than your eyes. If someone was shown a picture of you with the eyes covered versus the eyebrows, people would have more trouble identifying you in the non-eyebrow picture. Since your eyebrows are so important, you need to start taking better care of them.

Eyebrow Maintenance

Although some people still do their own plucking and waxing at home, many women and men take their brows to a beauty school or salon. Experts recommend that you have your brows waxed at least once a month. The same schedule applies to threading, an ancient Indian practice that uses cotton thread to pull out your unwanted brow hair. You can actually choose a brow style, but your options are limited depending on the amount of brow hair that you have. Unfortunately, some people are not blessed with lush brows. On the other hand, some people have to fight constantly to avoid the bushy, Groucho Marx look.

If you are a DIY type of person, you can stick with monthly trimming of your brows supplemented by tweezing every few days. You may even want to wax your own brows, although you should approach that practice with caution. Too much wax could lead to half a brow, a condition that could take months to remedy.

Eyebrows are more important to your overall look than you may think. You rely on them to express your emotions in a way that others can understand. They also help make you recognizable to others. Instead of worrying so much about your eyelids or lips, you should take care of those eyebrows. Some people actually tint their eyebrows or use hair growth products on them. They may have the right idea. As your brows go, so goes your face.

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