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Becoming More Beautiful

What You Should Know About Gel Nails

Fred Lambert

Do you want to get your nails done for an upcoming special occasion? If you are undecided about which type of nail polish to get placed on your nails, the gel type is worth giving some consideration. The great thing about gel polish is that it will give your nails a quality appearance, as well as provide other benefits. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about gel nails and decide if you want them or not.

You Have the Option of Hard or Soft Gel Nails

The gel used on your nails can be hard or soft based on your needs. For instance, if you want to use the gel technique as a way to gain a little nail length, hard gel should be used. If you don't desire any length from the gel, you might want to go with the soft option. The great thing about soft gel is that it is easier to remove and lowers the risk of you damaging your nails from hard scraping. You can simply allow a professional to remove the gel no matter which option is chosen.

Gel Polish Will Dry in a Timely Manner

The perk of gel nail polish is that it can dry within seconds under a UV light. You won't have to worry about accidentally messing the polish up during the drying process as with acrylic polish.

Your Polish Will Be Hard

By opting for gel polish for your nails, the finishing product will last for a long time due to the hardness. When your nails are placed under a UV light, it will cause the gel to begin the curing process. The gel will become hard enough to last without becoming chipped anytime soon. You can get gel nails weeks before your special occasion and count on them looking as good as the day they were done.

Applying Gel Polish is Not an Extensive Process

Your nails will undergo the same treatment with gel polish as with the acrylic type, such as by being cleaned, filed, and shaped. However, the natural shine will also be buffed away to create a good surface for the gel primer to stick. The nail technician will then apply the primer and a few layers of gel, while allowing each layer to quickly cure during the process. Make an appointment at a salon like Nails By Yen for gel nails as soon as you are ready.